Thursday, August 16, 2012

Little Waldorf Baby

School. In my city there are a few options. You have your good ole Catholic schools, the type of school I attended all of my school years, the not so good city public school, the Language Immersion School (which is pretty awesome, in my opinion), charter schools and our local Waldorf school.


I have always gravitated toward the idea of sending S. to a Waldorf school. It is everything I have ever wanted for my son, education for his whole self, his heart, hands and head, all while being surrounded by a very diverse group of individuals.


The other day I was talking with a friend and she mentioned this 12 week Parent Infant class that the Waldorf school holds and my ears immediately perked up. It is a class where parents learn games and songs to play with their babies while also learning to develop our ability to quietly observe and interpret children’s movements, gestures, and vocalizations. I told her I was totally interested and that I would love for her to send me the information.


The lady in charge contacted me right away. It turned out that there was only one spot left. She told me that if we were interested, she could hold it for us until we got our registration and payment in. I looked over the info and found out that it is actually super affordable, so of course I said yes!


I am so happy that everything worked out in our favor. I am super eager to learn new things with S. and make new friends together. This is going to be an amazing opportunity that I have only dreamed's actually becoming a reality!! Class starts August 28th! I will be sure to post about it =)     

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