Sunday, July 8, 2012

For the Love of Rain

Evening, Independence Day at the farm

Lately I have been confused, wondering if I live in Death Valley or not. These past few weeks have been extremely hot and dry. The grass is crunchy and the crops are sad.
Our local farmers are truly taking a hit. 4th of July firework displays were canceled all over the region in fear of the fireworks starting wildfires. It has been extreme to say the least.

Last night was the first time in four long, tired weeks that the rain decided to shower down on this thirsty land.  I can truly say this - it was the most beautiful rain I have ever experienced. It was spiritual. The ground, the trees, the flowers, they all gulped it up with such eager mouths. I put myself in their position and allowed myself to take it in from the vegetation's perspective. I breathed easier. I inhaled and exhaled with such a tender, sweet sense of relief. I imagined steam rising from my whole surface.

As we drove down that 2 lane highway I stared as the sinking sun put on a mystical display of thick yellow and pale blue alternating rays. The rays seemed as if they were growing among layers and layers of different types of clouds, its soil - fog.

We gained miles while the sun quickly dipped and a dusty rose reflection beamed off the glossy black interstate. I was in a trance.

It really is amazing how we are all connected, humans, plants, insects, animals, land and water.

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